Wishing All of Israel a New Year of Redemption!
J4JPnews - September 28, 2008 -- Rosh HaShana 5769
Jonathan and Esther Pollard and the J4JP Family want to bless you and yours for  a new year of health, success,
and true Jewish  נחת רוח ("naches")!
 May the new year, be as its intials תשס"ט symoblize:
סיום ("seeyum") -- an end to our painful and difficult situation, both as individuals and as a Nation;
and the start of a year where it will be clear to all that no matter what happens, it will all be טו' ("tov")
 -- as Heaven's plan for all of Israel is revealed for the good!
May this be a year of Personal Redemption and National Redemption!
May all of Israel's captives and MIAs be speedily redeemed,
and may all Jews the world over have fulfilled for each and every one of us,
personally and as a Nation the verse:

ופ"ויי "' ישו'ון ו'א

  • ציון 'רינ" ושמחת עום ע ראשם ששון"

    ושמח" ישיג

  • ונס
  • יגון ואנח"" 

    And those Redeemed by HaShem will return and they will come to Tzion rejoicing,
    with endless joy upon their heads; elation and rejoicing will be theirs and sighing and tragedy banished.

    May we merit to see the speedy coming of Moshiach Tzidkainu,
    and the building of our Beit HaMikdash on
    G-d's Holy Mountain, Moriah, in Ir HaKodesh Yerushalyim!
    Amain v'Amain!
     Shana Tova u'Mivurechet
    v'K'tiva Tova!
    Jonathan and Esther Pollard
    and the
    J4JP Family