New Hiking Trail and Wadi in honor of Jonathan Pollard

J4JP News - September 17, 2008

J4JP received the following letter from Kochav Yaacov announcing the clearing of a new hiking trail and naming of a wadi in honor of Jonathan Pollard. The hiking trail and wadi project was initiated and executed by the youth of Koach Yaacov, "as a means of letting [Esther and Jonathan Pollard] know how much they are appreciated by us and how he serves as an example of doing what is right regardless of the personal costs entailed."

The Pollards' response to this heartwarming news follows below.

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Letter from Kochav Yaacov:

Please pass this letter to Esther Pollard:

Warm Greetings from Israel!

I can't tell you how proud I am of the youth on our yishuv ( They took upon themselves a summer project of creating a trail in the wadi east of the yishuv; this involved clearing debris, exploring the area intensively and finally marking the trail. These young teens requested to do this project for the merit of Jonathan Pollard, that he should be strong physically and mentally and soon be released from his prolonged imprisonment- and that is exactly what they did!

This trail has been so successful (really a gorgeous, although challenging hike) that the youth submitted a request to the Israeli Parks and Nature Authority to have the trail officially recognized as a national trail, within a National Park to be set up at the site, and to have the wadi renamed "Wadi Yonatan".

The request has received the backing of the yishuv council, the East Binyomin Regional Council and the preliminary reviewers at the Parks Authority.

Attached in JPEG format are pictures, of the wadi and the volunteers.

The volunteers asked me to inform you of their undertaking as a means of letting you and your husband know how much you are appreciated by us and how he serves them as an example of doing what is right regardless of the personal costs entailed. Further, they would like to invite you (plural) to come visit the park on your next visit to Israel.

In the interim, it would certainly be appreciated if you could write a word or two of acknowledgement that I can share with these great kids.


Avi Barr
On behalf of Yishuv Kochav Yaakov

The Pollards Respond:

Dear Kochav Yaacov Youth and Families!

Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring news with us! Jonathan and I look forward to coming to Kochav Yair together, G-d willing very soon, to meet the wonderful youth who carried out this wonderful project and to celebrate the inauguration of Wadi Yonatan with all of you! Yashar Koach Gadol to all of you! May G-d bless the work of your hands, and may all of your prayers for Jonathan that were poured into this project speedily be answered to the good! Amain!

With much love and appreciation,

Esther and Jonathan Pollard

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