Update on HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu's condition: a miracle!

Justice4JPnews - May 21, 2008

His Honor HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu shlita, had a brain seizure this afternoon caused by a blood clot and was literally minutes away from death.

The best experts in the country were called in and the consensus was that the Rav needs an emergency operation. The operation would be performed at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital and arrangements needed to be made to swiftly transport him there from Shaare Tzedek.

The police were contacted and a police escort for the ambulance was obtained, along with permission to close roads if need be, for fear that any hold-up in traffic could mean the difference between life and death.

As they were wheeling the Rav out of the CT facility at Shaare Tzedek to take him downstairs to the waiting ambulance and police escort, the Rav suddenly began moving his arms and his legs. Since he had previously been completely unconscious, doctors were quite surprised to see him move this way! They wheeled him right back in to do an emergency CT scan. They ran the CT and were stunned: his brain clot had completely disappeared! He no longer needs an operation! The doctors say this is a great miracle! They still plan to transfer him to Hadassah Ein Karem, just to be on the safe side.

The Rav is stable now. Not out of the woods, but not critical like before. Lots and lots and lots of prayers are still needed. As well, if you can take on a fast in the Rav's merit tomorrow, you will be joining many others who pledged to do the same.

When told of this great miracle, Jonathan asked that we remind everyone that the Rav's name for prayer is

Mordechai Tzemach ben Mazal Tov

. Jonathan implores everyone to daven to HaShem with all of their hearts that we, the People of Israel, should have the merit to deserve the speedy recovery of our beloved Rav! That HaShem should have mercy on our poor and weak generation by giving this great Tzadik and beloved father figure to all of Am Yisrael, a refuah shleimah v'meihira! Amain!

Please say tehillim and special prayers now, often, and every day for Kavod HaRav Eliyahu,

Mordechai Tzemach ben Mazal Tov

. May G-d bless!