Video: Massive Rally at Freedom for Pollard Square

May 12, 2008


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On the eve of President George W. Bush's arrival in Israel, tens of thousands of people turned out in a massive show of solidarity with Jonathan Pollard. Protestors formed a human chain in front of the American consulate and all the way up the Street to the Prime Minister's residence. They held signs and chanted calling for Pollard's release.

A massive rally followed the human chain event. The crowd was so overwhelming that police were forced to close down the street leading to the Prime Minister's residence for hours. A host of compelling speakers ranging from former prisoner of Zion Yosef Mendelevitch to attorneys Nitsana Darshan - Leitner and Larry Dub, to Pollard's wife Esther, addressed the crowd.

Renown singer Arieh Zilber and other talented personalities entertained the overflow crowd. Zilber engaged the massive crowd of protestors in a lively round of song based on verses from the morning prayers which refer to G-d as the Matir Assurim and Zokeff K'fufim and Pokeach Ivrim. (G-d frees the imprisoned, raised up the opressed, and opens the eyes of the blind.) The responsive song was so moving that the crowd began to sing and clap and dance!

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