Saying "Kadish" over Pollard: Why YOU need to be at the Rally!

Justice4JPnews - May 1, 2008

May 12th Freedom for Pollard, Independence for Israel Rally
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The massive

Freedom for Jonathan Pollard, Independence for Israel

rally is intended to be as much a cry to Heaven as a massive show of solidarity with Pollard.

As long as Jonathan Pollard continues to rot in an American prison for his service to Israel, Israeli independence rots there with him.

In a recent media frenzy, the American intelligence community said "Kadish" over Pollard and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert responded, "Amain!"

"Kadish" is the name of the 84-year-old grandfather who is being cynically exploited by the Americans in an attempt to bury Jonathan alive forever - with Olmert's blessing. "Kadish" is also the Jewish mourner's prayer, which is recited for someone who has passed away.

When Ehud Olmert heard "Kadish" being said over Pollard, he was no doubt relieved and convinced that this spelled the end of his responsibility for a faithful Israeli agent who is serving his

23rd year

in an American prison.

Only the People of Israel can teach Olmert the true meaning of "Kadish".

"Kadish" is best known as a prayer for the deceased, but it never once mentions the word "death". Its only theme is the GREATNESS OF G-D. "Kadish" is Judaism's most exalted prayer of praise and thanks to G-d Almighty, Whose plan for each individual in this world is PERFECT.

With YOUR help, YOUR prayers and YOUR participation at this massive event on May 12th, we will stand united before the Master of the Universe to reverse the evil decree for Jonathan Pollard and for Israel.

With the help of G-d Almighty, may our showing at this rally be large enough and impressive enough to bring down the blessing of Heaven upon the People of Israel and to turn the Pollard tragedy from decades of mourning into a new era of indescribable joy for Israel!

With elation in our hearts may we merit to greet Jonathan, embrace our independence as a proud Nation, and give thanks and praise to the Living G-d of Israel:

Yitgadal, v'yitkadash Shmay rabba!
May His great Name be glorified and sanctified!

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