We owe Pollard

Kenneth Besig - Jerusalem Post [Letters] - March 31, 2008

Sir, - I would like to congratulate you on your timely editorial "The Pollard spat" (March 30). Jonathan Pollard is as important to Israel now as Natan Sharansky was during his time, as a symbol of Jewish determination and Israeli steadfastness.

However, Sharansky was unjustly held prisoner by an oppressive and anti-Semitic Soviet regime at a time when Israel and the Jewish people were led by strong, credible, moral and determined Jewish leaders and America had not yet been terminally weakened by cynical moral relativism.

Tragically, Pollard is being unjustly held prisoner by Israel's most important ally, the US, at a time when Israel is led by weak, faithless and shortsighted Jewish leaders who seem to care more for the state of their bank and stock market accounts than for the State of Israel or the Jews.

Not so long ago, an Israeli political or military leader wouldn't even have considered abandoning an injured Jew or Jewish soldier to the cruelties of the enemy. But Pollard wasn't just abandoned by those responsible for saving him. Those same Israeli - and American Jewish - leaders have publicly condemned him for his efforts on our behalf, thus adding further insult to his already horrifying injury.

Pollard deserves his freedom no less than did Sharansky. The Israeli government and the American Jewish community owe him the same active assistance, the same public effort and the same demands for his release, addressed directly to the American president.

Jonathan Pollard has suffered enough. The time has come to bring him home to Israel.