A Prize for Being a Good Jew?

Justice4JP Release - February 21, 2008

Jonathan and Esther Pollard would like to thank the many people who have recently contacted J4JP for permission to submit Jonathan's name as a candidate for the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism. (The Lion of Zion Award is $100,000).

The Moskowitz Prize for Zionism was established in recognition of the people who put Zionism into action in today's Israeli society, at times risking their own personal security, placing the collective before personal needs, and doing what it takes to ensure a strong, secure Jewish homeland.

The Pollards were deeply touched by the many emails received indicating that the contest description immediately brought Jonathan to mind as the obvious candidate.

When Esther Pollard asked her husband how to respond, he replied:

"This reminds me of an old joke which describes the awards handed out by American Jewish organizations as, 'Rich people giving plaques to rich people for being so rich.' It troubles me to imagine a contest which reduces our love of the Land to a competition. A Jew's devotion to the Land and to the People of Israel is a natural consequence of the love which burns in the heart of every good Jew and needs no reward."

"Unity is the key to our success and survival as a nation. A contest which aims to define who is the 'best' Jew or the 'best' Zionist does not add to our unity. There are thousands of precious Jews who are putting their lives, their bodies and their souls on the line in defense of the Land today. To single out one or two or three makes no sense. Why trivialize the enormous self-sacrifice that is being shown today, especially by our noble youth? Is one more precious than the next?"

Jonathan explained he feels strongly that acting to safeguard and strengthen our beloved Land and People is incumbent upon all Jews. He believes that those who give of themselves selflessly for Israel, do so because of a burning desire in the depths of their souls to ensure the safety and security of our Nation. "That a Jew has the merit to act for the right reasons, with purity of intent and fullness of heart is, in and of itself, reward enough," he said.

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