Huge Balcony Banners Greet Bush

Justice4JPnews - January 8, 2008

Huge balcony banners were posted to greet President George W Bush at the entrance to Jerusalem and at strategic points along his motorcade's route. The banners in English and in Hebrew expressed the will of the people (84% according to a recent poll by Mootagim Pollsters): WE WANT POLLARD HOME! The balcony banners will remain in place until Jonathan's return home.

J4JP and the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home wish to express their appreciation and thanks to the many private citizens who volunteered their balconies. Thanks to those whose offers we were able to take advantage of; and thanks to those who were not on the route, but still volunteered. We hope (B"H) to decorate ALL the balconies, very soon, to welcome Jonathan home!

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