Video: INN Interview with Jerusalem City Council Member Mina Fenton

Re: Dedication of Freedom for Jonathan Pollard Square

Justice4JPnews - January 8, 2008


- TV interviewed Jerusalem City Council Member Mina Fenton as preparations to receive the overflow crowd for the dedication ceremony later in the day (January 8, 2007) were underway. Israelis from all walks of life braved the cold weather and the inconvenient hour (in the middle of the work-day) to dedicate a public square (Kikar Pariz) in the heart of Jerusalem in honor of Jonathan Pollard, and rename it Freedom for Jonathan Pollard Square. Fenton was instrumental in holding this important ceremony in advance of the visit of President George Bush to the city this week, and filed all of the necessary papers to begin the lengthy process to retroactively make the name change "official".

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  • Source

    : IsraelNationalNews TV - Arutz7 English News Report
  • Language

    : English
  • Report by

    : Yoni Kempinski
  • Interviewee

    : Mina Fenton
  • Length (min:sec)

    : 4:12

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