Galei Tzahal Interview with Esther Pollard
RE: Knesset Committee Calls for Probe of Pollard Case

In this interview on IDF Radio, Galei Tzahal, Esther Pollard responds to the breaking news of the Knesset State Control Committee authorizing the Israeli State Comptroller to begin an investigation into the Israeli Governments' handling of the Pollard case and its failure to secure his release for the last

23 years.

Esther makes it clear that there is a time to investigate and a time to save a life. Now is the time, she says, particularly just days before the arrival of President George Bush in Israel, to press for Jonathan's release. Once he is home and out of harm's way, Esther continues, there will be ample time for investigations.

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  • Date of Interview:

    December 31, 2007
  • Source

    : Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio)
  • Interviewee

    : Esther Pollard
  • Language

    : Hebrew
  • Length

    (mins:secs): 8:41

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