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An exclusive interview with Jonathan Pollard

Yaniv Halily in the Weekend Edition of Yediot Achronot
YNET - November 9, 2007

[Translated from Hebrew by Justice4JP]

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Locked up with murderers and rapists, fed up after

22 years of prison

and abandonment by the Israelis who sent him to spy in the USA, Jonathan Pollard has no one left to rely on but the Palestinians to make a deal to free him for Marwan Barghouti.

At the entrance to the prison facility in Butner, North Carolina, hangs a large poster depicting snowy mountains and faraway horizons, and at the bottom the title: "Possibilities." Perhaps the poster is intended to awaken a sense of motivation in the guards and prisoners but it is impossible to escape the strong emotions the poster evokes when one comes to interview Jonathan Pollard, locked up in this facility for the rest of his life, behind bars since 1985.

The former Israeli agent was charged with espionage for the benefit of Israel when he worked as an analyst for the American Navy, after he transferred hundreds of valuable documents, photographs and secret satellite pictures to Israel. But 22 years after he was captured Israel shows little interest in securing his release. Just a handful of politicians pay him condolence visits.

Pollard is withering away from day to day, but refuses to break. "Up until a few years ago, I used to get visits from Mossad agents, who told me that if I am as much of a patriot as I claim to be I should commit suicide in prison. You can give them a message from me: it isn't going to happen any time soon," said Pollard in a special interview to Yediot 7Days reporter, Yaniv Halily.


complete story

is in the Weekend Edition of "Yediot Achronot".

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