PM's Office Dismayed by Performance of Pollard Play at Knesset on October 30, 2007

Justice4JPnews - October 25, 2007

Despite not-so-subtle pressure from the Prime Minister's office to call off a showing of the play "Patzuah Bashetach" (Wounded in the Field) which deals with the story of Jonathan Pollard, the play will go on. The play has shocked and educated audiences all over Israel for the last 2 years. The harsh reality and endless betrayal that it exposes is mild in comparison to what Jonathan Pollard has actually endured for the last 22 years, and continues to endure to this day.

"Patzuah BaShetach" will be performed by the Aspeclaria Theatre Group in Hebrew.

The performance at the Knesset has been arranged by MK Uri Ariel and is scheduled to be held in the Knesset Auditorium on Tuesday, October 30th at 1:00 PM.

If you would like to attend, please contact Asher Mivtzari:

Please include your name and Teudat Zehut number [or passport number and citizenship] in your email.