Please Call the White House for Pollard Today!

COUNT DOWN: 0 Days to Rosh HaShana!

It's Wednesday, September 12, 2007 B"H, the 29th of Ellul. Rosh HaShana begins at sundown today. Please call the White House now!

Tell President Bush to free Jonathan Pollard now!
Send him home to Israel for Rosh HaShana!

Telephone number - (Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM):


Dialing from Israel: Add your long-distance service provider code to the start of the USA number for example: 0121-202-456-1111. (Israeli codes: 001, 012, 013, 014, 018, etc.)

Hours for Israeli Calls: White House telephone lines are manned from 4 PM Israel time to Midnight, from Monday to Friday. Be sure to call before candle-lighting today [To ensure a faster response, follow the instructions for "Rotary" telephones regardless!]

Your calls put Pollard on the map!

The Pollard Call-In Campaign spear-headed by the National Council of Young Israel last Spring put Pollard on the map in the White House. His name now appears on the list of subjects that all the White House phone operators are given to record the number of calls. Now, with G-d's help and massive participation in the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim, let's get Pollard out of there, and home for the High Holidays! Amain!

Please call now!

The National Council of Young Israel ad and flyers for recirculation and reprinting to encourage participation in this urgent intiative are available from the J4JP web site. Please click on the link below for the format of your choice:

  • COLOR NCYI FLYER: Urgent High Holiday Call-In Campaign for Pollard: JPEG - PDF
  • BLACK AND WHITE NCYI FLYER: Urgent High Holiday Call-In Campaign for Pollard: PDF