New Year Wishes from Esther and Jonathan Pollard for 5768

Justice4JPnews - Erev Rosh HaShana - September 11, 2007 B"H

Dearest Family, Friends, v'chol Acheinu Beit Yisrael,

The Jewish New Year 5768, represented by the Hebrew letters Tav Sheen Samech Chet, is upon us tonight, B"H for good and for a blessing! Our sages say that the Hebrew letters which correspond to the year number are an indication of the kind of year that lies ahead. For example, when I recently met with his honor, HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu and his chief of staff Rav Shmuel Zafrani, the latter suggested that Tav Sheen Samech Chet, the letters which stands for the new year 5768, are a sign that T'hiyeh Shnat Sof Chavoosh. In English, roughly: It will be the year which ends (his) being a prisoner! To which we all heartily responded, "Amain!"

Jonathan and I put our heads together on this, to see if we could come up with some ideas about what Tav Sheen Samech Chet portends for Am Yisrael, B"H. Here are our favorites --- all blessings for Am Yisrael!

T'hiyeh Shnat Sibat Chaim

- It will be a year of a reason for living!

T'hiyeh Shnat Slichat Chataiim

- It will be a year of forgiveness of our sins!

T'hiyeh Shnat Sibat Chedva

- It will be a year with reason for joy!

T'hiyeh Shnat Stimat Choteem

- It will be a year of evil-doers being stopped!

T'hiyeh Shnat Stimat Choreem

- It will be a year of holes (traps) plugged up!

T'hiyeh Shnat Stimat Chovoht

- It will be a year of cancelled debts!

T'hiyeh Shnat Sof Chelkaiim

- It will be a year of no more oppressed people!

T'hiyeh Shnat Sof Cherpa

- It will be a year that ends our disgrace!

T'hiyeh Shnat Sibat Chagiga

- It will be a year of reason for celebration!

T'hiyeh Shnat Sibat Chochma

- It will be a year of reason for wisdom (to prevail)!

T'hiyeh Shnat Sibat Chagim

- It will be a year of reason for festivals!

Jonathan and I pray with all of our hearts that the above list will indeed be amongst the blessings that HaShem will bestow upon Am Yisrael this year --- and most most importantly, that we as a Nation should be worthy of His blessing!

May HaShem bless all of Am Yisrael in the new year 5768, with health, peace, prosperity, success, fruitfulness, wisdom, patience, understanding, and grace! May we as a Nation merit the redemption of Yehonatan ben Malka Pollard, and all of our captives and MIAs, speedily without delay!

May G-d grant a refuah shleimah to all of Israel's ailing, and may He grant us all a speedy and complete National redemption. May we merit to see the swift and sure arrival of Moshiah Tzidkeinu, speedily in our day! Amain!

with love and blessing,

Esther and Jonathan Pollard