Memo from Rabbi Pesach Lerner:
High Holiday Call-In Campaign for Pollard Kicks Off This Week

Justice4JPnews - August 26, 2007

The NCYI ad below (jpeg and pdf) calling on everyone to call the White House daily for Jonathan Pollard for the next few weeks during the period leading up to the Jewish High Holy Days, is going into about 20 American national, regional and community Jewish papers, this coming weekend (Aug 31st). Copies of the flyer have also been sent to Jewish Day Schools, Rabbis, community leaders.

Jonathan Pollard needs your help!

Please recirculate, reprint, repost the flyer. Get your family, friends, colleagues and organizations involved! Let's flood the White House with phone calls during this critical time!

Tel: 202-456-1414

Tel: 202-456-1111

The National Council of Young Israel

urges everyone to participate in the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim, the good deed of redeeming a captive. Thank you!

Rabbi Pesach Lerner
Executive Vice President
National Council of Young Israel
111 John Street - Suite 450
New York, NY 10038

Copies of the Flyer: