With the Best of Intentions - Response by Aryeh Eldad (3 responses)

IMRA - July 18, 2007

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  • Response #1: July 15, 2007

    (In response to

    MK Aryeh Eldad fails the Pollard Litmus Test.)

    IMRA asked MK Eldad if he wished to reply.

    The following is his response:

    I am astonished that my words were so badly distorted:

    I met with Jonathan. He told me, among other things that the US administration have some demands from Israel.

    When I came back I ran couple of meetings and I understood that Israel is not ready to pay the price demanded by the Americans, and disclose a name of another agent that, according to the American assumption was active along side with Jonathan.

    It was very clear that Jonathan does not know who is that man so it is clear that I never said that Jonathan refused to do anything that could free him. that is pure non sense. What I was saying is that the state of Israel is not ready to pay the price that can release Jonathanm and untill they are ready to so so - there is no chance that the American will release him.

    I am deeply sorry that my words are systematically distorted by Mrs Pollard.

    Arieh Eldad MK

    Response #2: July 17, 2007 - 2:00 am

    (In response to: "OpEd: Aryeh Eldad - the new hope of Israel's nationalist camp?")

    Dear Aaron

    After long and continuous efforts we were successful in organizing a visit by a minister in the Israel Government to Jonathan. He came to me few days before he left for the US and promised me that he will have an official visit. He was really touched by the fact that he will be able to be an official messenger of the government of Israel.

    Few days after he came back from the US I met him and asked how was it?

    He was really sad when he told me that just before the visit Mrs. Pollard called him, shouted at him and explained to him he is not wanted.

    I wonder why Mrs. Pollard tries so hard to post every friend of Jonathan and his case - as an enemy.

    I am not an enemy. I was trying to help, but all my activities are viciously misinterpreted and distorted.

    Jonathan Pollard is a national hero among us. He deserves better help.

    I will continue to do everything I can for him, actually - for us. We need him here.

    Arieh Eldad

    Response #3: July 17, 2007 - 8:00 PM

    (In response to: "OpEd: Aryeh Eldad - the new hope of Israel's nationalist camp?")

    With The Best of Intentions
    A Statement by Aryeh Eldad

    The struggle to free Jonathan Pollard from his unjust prison sentence is led by his wife Esther with the best of intentions.

    In the heat of a public campaign, the best of intentions can lead even those who mean well to stray from the correct path. The attempt to portray Jonathan's friends as his enemies is unworthy of his just cause. Jonathan Pollard has justice on his side but that justice would be best served by cool-headed articulate leadership, rather than the systematic distortions of my words and actions that have been publicized recently.

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