Pollard Policy Rejects Grafiti and Anti-Social Forms of Protest

Justice4JPnews - July 8, 2007

Esther and Jonathan Pollard unequivocally disapprove of a campaign which is currently defacing buildings and structures in the heart of the holy city of Jerusalem with large spray-painted grafiti calling for Jonathan's release.

The defacement of public and private property is illegal and counter productive to the struggle for Jonathan's release. We call upon the perpetrators to cease and desist at once.

We take this opportunity to repeat our unyeilding position rejecting all illegal and or anti-social forms of protest:

Jonathan and Esther Pollard denounce, decry and distance themselves from all calls to civil disobedience or anti-social acts as a means to protest Jonathan's continued incarceration. We ask all those who truly care about Jonathan to refrain from promoting or participating in acts of civil disobedience or of an anti-social nature.

The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home, Justice4JP, the National Council of Young Israel and Jonathan's attorneys in Israel and in the USA urge all supporters to honor the Pollards' expressed request to refrain from anti-social forms of protest. They urge everyone to become united and actively involved in the many positive, constructive initiatives that are now on-going for Jonathan's release.