Young Demonstrators Violently Dispersed

Justice4JPnews - June 25, 2007

Source: IsraelNationalNews [Hebrew] - Link to video clip follows below.

At a demonstration Thursday, 21 July 2007 in front of Minister Eli Yishai's residence in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, where PM Olmert was attending a sheva brachot celebration for the minister's daughter, young demonstrators chanted, "Olmert! Olmert! Resign! We don't want you anymore!" [Olmert! Olmert! Teet-pat-tair! Lo rotzeem otcha yotair!]

The demonstrators also expressed dismay with Olmert's failure to bring Jonathan Pollard home with him from his recent trip to the US where he met with President Bush. They chanted "Free Pollard now!" and raised posters and banners calling for the Israeli agent's release.

The demonstration was violently dispersed by the aggressive Yassam Special Police Force which descended on the scene to stop the demonstration. (These are the shock troops in black helmets and vests used to expel the people of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron. The Yassam troops were also responsible for the use of excessive force and violence against young demonstrators at Amona).

A cameraman from IsraelNationalnews who was filming the demo had to pack up his equipment and make a speedy departure out of fear that his camera would be destroyed. He did, however, manage to film long enough for us to get a look at who the demonstrators were: children! All of the demonstrators were only children between the ages of 10 and 13!

These children did not represent any group or organization, and posed no threat to anyone. They were beaten, pummeled and punched by theYassam troops to disperse the demonstration.

There were complaints the following day of back injuries, bruises, and shock.

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