Pollards' Reaction to US Ambassador's Apology

J4JPnews - May 22, 2007

Asked by media outlets for their reaction to the apology issued by Ambassador Richard Jones for his egregious statements about Jonathan Pollard at Bar Ilan University yesterday, Esther Pollard made the following statement:

"Jonathan and I were gratified to learn that a first step has been taken by the US Ambassador in recognizing the evil that was done. However, the Ambassador's apology to Jonathan and myself, in the absence of a complete retraction and correction of the false charges that he laid upon my husband, is inadequate.

Ambassador Jones falsely accused my husband of treason, falsely accused my husband of spying for money, and falsely accused him of harming the United States. He suggested that Jonathan ought to have been executed, reinforcing the false charge of treason. All of these false charges made by Richard Jones against Jonathan Pollard are still out in the public domain and doing damage. Unless and until Jones takes retracts these egregious lies and corrects the record, his apology is is at best incomplete, and at worst insincere."

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