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Makor Rishon Display Ad - May 16, 2007

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National Bumper Sticker Campaign to Free Jonathan Pollard

Sadly, Jonathan Pollard's health has deteriorated
to such an extent that he is in mortal danger

Recently important American officials, such as the former head of the CIA, James Woolsey, and former Clinton appointee, Dennis Ross, have publicly stated that after 22 years, it is time to set Jonathan Pollard free. There has also been an awakening on the part of the American Jewish community and a flurry of activity to promote his release.

However, on the part of the Israeli government in general, and on the part of the Israeli Prime Minister, in particular, there is no sign of any initiative to seek his release, and to this very day, there has been no official request made to free Jonathan Pollard!

The Question is:
How can we express in the fastest, strongest, most effective way, the will of the Nation to free Jonathan Pollard?

Something most effective, which can be carried out on a wide scale, very quickly, and everyone can participate in, is a bumper sticker campaign. The aim is to very quickly distribute and post 100,000 or more bumper stickers on cars throughout the country. With this many bumper stickers on cars traveling the length and breadth of the country, it will be impossible to ignore the message:


(See the graphic.)

Method of Distribution of Bumper Stickers:

Participants will affix stickers (supplied by the Committee) on a car bumper only after asking permission to do so from the driver, and will provide each driver with an information sheet about the urgent situation of our brother Jonathan.

For details and to participate:

Call Eliana at 0525682517 or email freepollard@gmail.com

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