Jonathan Pollard's Letter to State Comptroller Lindenstrauss

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Jonathan Pollard #09185-016
FCI Butner, North Carolina

May 14, 2007


Dear Judge Lindenstrauss,

Re: Investigation of the Government's Mishandling of the Pollard Case

After reviewing a copy of the text of my wife Esther's presentation to you on 2 May 2007, more than a year after her first meeting with you; and after being fully briefed by both my wife and my attorney Larry Dub, about the latest meeting and your subsequent response to me, I would like to offer the following comments:

Your claim that in your role as the State Comptroller, you do not have the authority to investigate blatant crimes perpetrated by the State of Israel against an agent in captivity, is spurious at best.

You never expressed any doubts or reservations about the extent of your authority or your ability to intercede when you originally committed, more than a year ago, to investigate the government's 22-year ongoing mishandling of my case.

If, after your first meeting with my wife and my attorney early in 2006, you had expressed any such doubts and declined to become involved, we would have accepted your decision at face value. Now, more than a year later, your claim that you do not have the authority to intervene is ridiculous.

In fact, you were so confident of your authority at the outset, that you began the investigation early in 2006 by writing a series of letters to the Prime Minister's office. It was only when the Prime Minister's office stonewalled and refused to provide answers to your questions that you threw up your hands and walked away. When more than a year had passed and we pressed for a report, you finally responded that you have no authority to assist me.

Let me briefly review for you why saving my life by exposing the State's crimes does fall in your purview. A few of the issues brought to your attention include: my expulsion from the Israeli Embassy in Washington; the secret rewriting of my plea agreement by Israel and the US to deprive me of the protection of my agent status; the return of the documents to the US with my fingerprints on them; Israel's silence in the face of my sentencing; Aviem Sella's perjury, uncorrected to this very day; Israel's failure to ever officially inform the US about my agent status or to officially request my release; Israel's failure for 22 years to provide support of any kind to me and my wife; Israel's failure to lobby US lawmakers or decision-makers; Israel's on-going failure to collect on my release which was bought and paid for at Wye by the release of 750 murderers and terrorists; my status as an Israeli agent, even when finally recognized, was never implemented, depriving me of all my rights and allowing the US to continue to treat me as a common felon; the absence of any official Israeli representative at my 2003 court hearing and Israel's representative slandering me on CNN television the night before the hearing; the appointment of Rafi Eitan as a minister despite the obvious damage to my position; the refusal to investigate or prosecute the Israeli turncoat Kylcienski who spied for the US and fingered me to the Americans; the on-going refusal to deliver the Knesset petition signed by 112 MKs to the American president; the Government's blatant lies to the Supreme Court claiming it supports me and my wife financially; the refusal of the appropriate Knesset committees, and the president's office, to take effective action despite our repeated pleas for more than 2 decades; the failure of the Government to implement my status as a captive; and the Government's stubborn refusal to allow me the protections of PoZ status.

Exposing the rot and corruption that keeps me in chains is your job, Judge Lindenstrauss. Any one of these issues would more than justify your involvement in my case. In turning your back, you are providing cover to those in the Government who are imperiling the life of an Israeli agent.

Throughout your recent investigation of Prime Minister Olmert's shady financial dealings and corruption scandals, you were repeatedly challenged by his attorneys and accused of over-stepping your authority. These challenges to your authority did not deter you. You had the ear of the media and the support of the nation and you pushed forward. Ultimately you succeeded, not only in exposing the corruption, but in building a wonderful public image of yourself, as a just man devoted to uprooting immorality.

Last week my wife received a notice from the City of Jerusalem informing residents of her street that the city garbage dumpster is being relocated and now residents will have to walk several city blocks to deposit their trash in an alternate dumpster. In the face of indifference from the municipality, my wife is considering filing a complaint with Hillel Shamgar, head of the Public Complaints Office for the restoration of the dumpster on Betzallel Street.

Your suggestion that Esther file a complaint with the same Public Complaints Office about the abandonment and betrayal of an Israeli agent for 22 years, while that agent's life literally hangs in the balance, is morally reprehensible - la'ag la'rash! It reflects the consistent policy of Israeli officials to treat me like trash.

Even if it were true that you have no legal authority to involve yourself in my case, you have no right to turn away from me. Your role as the state's watchman imposes upon you the moral obligation to sound the alarm to stop the State of Israel from burying me alive. The Americans imposed a life sentence on me; Israel has turned it into a death sentence. And you claim you have no authority to intercede?

I could end by asking if you have a moral conscience; or by asking if you have a heart, but I will not resort to clichés. What is clear to me is that you have no fear of Heaven.

Only a man who does not believe he will ever have to give an account of his actions to The True Judge could behave as you have towards a ben amainu b'shevi, (a son of our nation, in captivity).

Jonathan Pollard

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