A Heartwarming Passover Letter

Bracha Greenfield, a 13 year old Israeli citizen sent the following letter to Esther Pollard. The letter so touched the Pollards' hearts that they have made it available to our readers:

April 6, 2007 - Translated to English by J4JP

Pesach 5767

Dear Esther!

Shalom! I am Bracha Greenfield of Ma'aleh Michmash in the Binyamin region, and I am in grade 7 at school.

I wanted to tell you and Jonathan that I am with you, and so is my whole family. We so admire you both. I pray every day for Jonathan's release and for his health.

For Leil HaSeder we had an empty chair for Jonathan and for the captives. The month of Nissan is a month of redemption, and he will yet be speedily redeemed this month!

I read the letter that Jonathan wrote for Passover last year, and I hope with all of my heart that our nation will wake up and demand his release. That way he will never again spend Passover alone, hungry, ill, and doing slave labor and so on.

[Esther]I think that you are a heroine, not just for what you are doing yourself, but for what you are doing for all of the Nation of Israel. HaShem will surely repay you in kind!

During the second war in Lebanon, my brother, Yehuda Geenfield was killed by a Ketushya rocket in Kfar Giladi. Jonathan is a brother to me. I will not (with G-d's help) let anything bad happen to my brother!

Ever since I was small I heard about Jonathan; and ever since I was small I learned about love of Israel and love of fellow man. I think we have to wake up the government, and especially the Nation of Israel. Jonathan helped us so much, and saved us all, so how can it be that they abandon him for 22 years in prison?

I wanted you to know that I am with you Esther, to strengthen you and Jonathan, and to take from you and Jonathan at least a little of the sadness and the pain. I pray that Jonathan will be speedily released and that HaShem will send you both a refuah shleimah (a complete healing) and great joy!

May it be His will to fulfill for Jonathan the verse "Take me out of this enclosure"

Continue to be strong, and do not despair, this year in Jerusalem!

Bracha Greenfield and her family.

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