Black Passover Eve for Esther Pollard

Maariv NRG - April 2, 2007

The wife of captive Israeli agent, Jonathan Pollard, says that her husband's situation has deteriorated greatly, and that the US would release him but Israel has failed to make an official request.

Once again, on the eve of the holiday, Jonathan Pollard has turned to the State of Israel in an appeal to celebrate Jewish holiday of Freedom at home. According to those who are close to him, his health has taken a sharp turn for the worse, and he may even be in mortal danger. "For 21 years I have been slowly bleeding to death in full view of the nation," Pollard wrote in a letter. His wife, Esther points out that American officials now show a willingness to free him, but the State of Israel has yet to take any action. "This Passover Eve is a black one in my life," she said, while condemning the State of Israel of dealing equally as perfidiously with the other Israeli captives.

Pollard wrote in his letter: "My desperate situation - the result of betrayal and utter abandonment by the Government of Israel screams to the Heavens! And where is the Nation? I cry from the depths of my heart: Hoy Tzion! Hallo t'shalee eht shlom assiryach? (O Tzion! Won't you inquire after the welfare of your prisoners?) If Tzion will not inquire after the welfare of her prisoners, it is not the personal problem of the prisoners alone, but of all Tzion and those who dwell there."

Esther says the government of Israel is acting duplicitously and hypocritically, posturing as if it cares about Pollard for a domestic public audience, while doing absolutely nothing behind the scenes in Washington. In spite of thousands of letters recently sent by Israeli citizens to government ministers about Pollard, the political echelon continues to calculatedly duck the issue, she said.

The anguished wife also believes that the government is behaving similarly towards the other captive Israeli soldiers, showing concern publicly and claiming to be doing everything it can, while in effect doing little to actually secure their release.

"20 Years is more than enough!"

Last month various American officials were interviewed in the media and they indicated that the time has come to free Jonathan Pollard. Take for example, the former head of the CIA James Woolsey, or the US special envoy to the Middle East, Dennis Ross, who spoke in different forums, and both expressed the opinion that after such a long time in prison, it is time to free Jonathan Pollard.

Also, from within Bush's camp similar rumors abound, even if not officially, regarding Pollard, which make it clear that there is an American willingness to free Pollard, but clearly indicating, that it depends on an official request from Israel.

At the Caesarea Conference in Israel earlier this year, James Woolsey, the former Head of the CIA said, "Now that [Pollard] has served 20 years in prison, my opinion is that 20 years is more than enough, and that some consideration has to be given to the relationship between the US and Israel with regard to democratic issues."

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