Text: Lover of Zion Award - Jerusalem Conference

J4JPnews - March 23, 2007

The following text is the translation of the Lover of Zion Award certificate presented to Jonathan Pollard at The Jerusalem Conference, March 20, 2007 (1 Nissan 5767) and accepted by his wife, Esther Pollard on his behalf.

Jerusalem Conference 5767

Jerusalem Award

This is to certify that

Prisoner of Zion
Mr. Jonathan Pollard

is deserving of the Jerusalem Award
for his contribution to the security of the Land
by saving Israel from great existential threats.
From Jerusalem city of the covenant of justice, Israel
we hereby bestow upon Jonathan
honorary citizenship of Jerusalem.
G-d willing, may we soon merit the blessing of
Matir Assurim (He who frees the imprisoned)
That we may receive him with the appropriate honor
here in the holy city of Jerusalem.

"And those redeemed of G-d shall return and come to Zion in joy with eternal happiness
upon their heads, rejoicing and joyful, and tragedy and sighing banished." [Isaiah I:11]


Robert Rechnitz - Chairman, Jerusalem Conference
Yehuda Oliva: Executive Director, Jerusalem Conference
Dudu Saada: Executive Director, B'Sheva

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