Forgive us

A Poem About Jonathan Pollard by Sarah Gargi
From the book " LaShira Nolda" (Saar, 2006) by Sarah Gargi

  • Translation by J4JP - Posted March 11, 2007
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    Translator's note:

  • The original poem is written in a sophisticated Hebrew which includes double - entendres and strong references to biblical passages and quotes which simply do not lend themselves to accurate translation in English. The following translation is the literal meaning of the poem.

    Forgive us, dear brother
    Who sits in solitude in a dark pit
    Wounded and mournful -
    We beseech you, forgive!
    Although reward you never did expect
    Neither of such soul-searing afflictions
    Did you ever dream!

    Forgive us, dear brother.
    That in place of gratitude and celebration in your honor
    With words of Torah by public officials, the keepers of the nation,
    Here in The Land, the dwelling place of your heart and soul,
    You were abjectly abandoned to sighs,
    And slave labor, tumultuous din, and endless affliction
    Without respite - no Sabbath peace nor rest,
    In the company of crooks and soul-destroyers
    There in the land of freedom and justice for all.

    While your sorely afflicted body ever weakens
    The fire of your love for your Nation and
    Your longings for Zion, your Land,
    Grow mightier until they take over
    Your entire essence, your very being.

    How disgraced and ashamed are we!
    How can our Father in Heaven ever forgive us
    Even if we are forgiven by our brother Jonathan?!

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