Jonathan Pollard Comments on FBI Misportrayal Smears Jews

Justice4JPnews - March 11, 2007

Jonathan Pollard relayed the following comments from FCI Butner, North Carolina, in response to the recent FBI smear. See news item "FBI Misportrayal of Pollard Smears Jews" for details.

"I have warned for the last 22 years that this organization, the FBI, is extremely anti-Semitic. Apart from being anti-Israel, they are extremely anti-Semitic. Institutionally they pose a clear and present danger to the viability of the American Jewish community.

"I have tried for years to tell people that a major thrust of the interrogation that the FBI performed was to attempt to coerce me into implicating AIPAC and the ADL. That was a persistent theme in their interrogation. The lists of Jews that they showed me, and from which I was repeatedly asked to finger "co-conspirators", were exhaustive in their scope. The lists included every single Jewish legislator on both the State and Federal level; academicians; business men; and Jewish leaders of all types. This was not a list of Jews that had been put together just for my interrogation. It was clearly a list of prominent Jews that the FBI had compiled over decades.

"To think that this organization doesn't have an anti-Jewish agenda is literally to dismiss all of the evidence that is openly available. The former deputy director Bill Gavin who just smeared all Jews by making a statement to Fox News, insidiously linking me with a jihadi terrorist spy, is the same guy who was the driving force behind the current assault on AIPAC. His comment making this invidious equation between me and a Moslem terrorist spy clearly shows where these people are coming from. They are not concerned with American security per se, as much as they are with destroying the American Jewish community's political viability in Washington. In that respect, the FBI hates Jews more than they love America.

"The FBI were the ones who down-played the murder of Rabbi Kahane because he was "just a troublesome Jew." In so doing, they overlooked the link to the first World Trade Center bombing and ultimately to 9/11. Their anti-Semitism resulted in the deaths of 3000 Americans.

"The FBI's continuing refusal to allow Arabic-speaking Jews to act as translators of material obtained in wire-taps, again shows just how much they hate Jews, rather than evidencing any concern for national security. Moslems may act as translators for the FBI, but Jews may not. There is a clear line here. To continue to ignore it is to do so at the Jewish community and Israel's own peril."

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