FBI Misportrayal of Pollard Smears Jews

Justice4JPnews - March 9, 2007

In a Fox TV News Report [3/8/07 9:33am est.] regarding Hassan Abujihaad, the former US Navy sailor recently arrested on charges of espionage and terror, former FBI deputy director Bill Gavin responded, "I have visions of the Jonathan Pollard case." Gavin then proceeded to discuss how seriously Hassan Abujihaad had violated US law.

Pollard's case is totally unrelated to the case of Abujihaad. There is no basis whatsoever for linking them. Neither case is, in any way, reminiscent of the other.

Gavin's deliberately suggesting that there is some similarity between Pollard and Abujihaad, a Moslem spy who, [according to CNN] is accused of "supporting terrorism with intent to kill US Citizens", is insidious symmetry and rank anti-Semitism. By linking the two cases, unknowing viewers are led to draw the wrong conclusions about the Jewish spy and the Jewish State he spied for.

As a former deputy director of the FBI, Gavin cannot claim ignorance. He surely knows that unlike Hassan Abujihaad:

  • JONATHAN POLLARD DID NOT SPY FOR A TERRORIST ENTITY. Israel is not a terrorist entity. Gavin's remark leads viewers to believe that it is.

  • POLLARD DID NOT SUPPORT TERROR. All of his activities were intended to prevent terror which was being perpetrated upon Israeli civilian targets. Again, Gavin's remark suggests the opposite.

  • POLLARD DID NOT DELIVER CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO A TERRORIST ENTITY WITH INTENT TO KILL AMERICAN CITIZENS. Jonathan Pollard, unlike Abujihaad, was never accused, charged or indicted of intent to harm the US.

For 22 years, J4JP has repeatedly warned that Jonathan's case is being used as a tool by the US Intelligence community and by those hostile to the US -Israel special relationship, to call into question Israel's reliability as an ally and the loyalty of the American Jewish community. This is just the latest episode by the FBI attempting to discredit Israel and the Jews by misportraying Jonathan Pollard, the Jewish spy.

J4JP's caution went unheeded when the US used Pollard's case as a basis to fabricate the Mega Spy Scandal accusations against Israel.

J4JP's warnings fell on deaf ears when the Pentagon used Pollard's case as a basis for sending out a memo warning that the Israeli Government was "aggressively" trying to steal US military and intelligence secrets and therefore Jewish subcontractors were not to be trusted because of their close ties with Israel, and Israel's status as a "non-traditional adversary." (See the Washington Post.)

Now the FBI slings mud at Israel and the Jews by drawing insidious symmetery between the case of Jonathan Pollard and that of jihadi spy terrorist Hassan Abujihaad.

It should be noted that while the case of Abujihaad is infinitely more damaging to the US, Abujihaad, if convicted, faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. Not life.

Only Pollard, the Jewish spy for the Jewish State, continues to serve a life sentence for his efforts to prevent terrorism and to save Jewish lives.

Jewish leaders in the US and in Israel should be deeply concerned about this. As long as Jonathan Pollard is left to languish in his 22nd year of a life sentence with no end in sight, his plight will continue to be exploited to the detriment of all Jews.

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