Jerusalem Conference Awardees Announced

Jonathan Pollard to Receive Award

Baruch Gordon - Arutz7 News - February 23, 2007

( The 4th Annual Jerusalem Conference, to be held this year on March 19-21, 2007, will be granting awards to individuals who have made outstanding achievements in fields relating to Jerusalem, Finance, and the Arts.

Conference Director Yehuda Oliva announced the following awards to be given out at the prestigious gathering:

  • Lover of Zion Award

    : Jonathan Pollard
  • Jewish Creativity Award:

    Rabbi Chaim Sabato
  • Jerusalem Builders Award

    : 1) David Be'eri, City of David 2) Mati Dan, Ateret Kohanim Organization 3) Nissan Hakshuri, Maaleh Zeitim neighborhood >Education Award: 1) Rabbi Yochanan Fried, for his 25 years as Director of Education Ministry's Torah Culture division 2) Rabbi Avraham Zuckerman, Head of Bnei Akiva Yeshiva
  • Jewish Music Award

    : Eli Yaffe
  • Jewish Heroism Award

    : Lt.-Col. Emmanuel Morano

Former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will deliver the opening address. Conference President Mr. Robert Rechnitz and Israel's Chief Rabbis will participate in the opening session.

The Jerusalem Conference will be held at the Jerusalem Regency Hotel and will feature panels on a wide variety of subjects featuring political, military, academic, and religious leaders.


[Excerpt from Arutz7 News - February 26, 2007]

At the same time, it has been announced that the prestigious Jerusalem Conference - to be held at the same time in the Hyatt Hotel in Jerusalem - will award its "Lover of Zion" award to Jonathan Pollard. His wife Esther will receive it on his behalf. The award and the march are just the latest manifestations of the increasing public recognition in Israel of Pollard's contribution to Israeli security and of his plight. They follow the bestowing of an award to Pollard by the Torah and Land Institute at its annual conference last month in Bar Ilan University, honorary citizenships in Bat Yam, Beit El, Gush Katif, Kiryat Arba and other localities, and more. [See the full item at:]