Demonstrators succeeded in infiltrating Rice's hotel floor

A group of activists working for the release of Jonathan Pollard yesterday succeeded in penetrating the hotel's security ring and approached the room of the American Secretary of State. Three demonstrators were arrested.

By Itamar Eichner, Tzvi Singer, Dani Abava
Yediot Achronot - February 20, 2007 - [Translated to English by J4JP]

Some 20 activists on behalf of the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard decided to demonstrate against the American refusal to free him, and succeeded last night in sneaking up to the floor of the hotel where Condoleezza Rice is staying at David's Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, shouting, " Free Pollard now!"

The activists encountered hotel security guards and the Jerusalem police who arrested them and removed them from the hotel. Three of the demonstrators were detained for questioning.

The police insist that entry to the hotel is open to the public, and that the demonstrators only reached the other side of the floor where Condoleezza Rice is staying, where they encountered the security personnel.

A spokesperson for the activists, Eliana Silverman, said last night: "Condoleezza Rice comes here to preach to us to free terrorists who have murdered Israeli citizens, whereas Pollard worked only to save Israeli lives, yet America continues to hold him prisoner even after 22 years. His health is poor and continues to deteriorate; the Prime Minister must demand Pollard's release before it is too late!"

She reported that the activists had succeeded in penetrating David's Citadel Hotel and had made it up to the floor where Condoleezza Rice is staying, shouting " Free Pollard!" until the security people evacuated them.

After the arrest of the activists, Yediot Achronot learned that a group of young people organized the demonstration spontaneously, and that it was not connected to The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard home, a group that is recognized and well known.

Medina Perl, the hotel's public relations person claimed that the demonstrators never succeeded in entering the hotel and that they were arrested at the door of the hotel.

J4JP adds:

Channel 2 IsraelTelevision has obtained film footage of the event, showing the activists inside the hotel as described and chanting " Free Pollard!" The film clip scheduled to air tonight on the Channel 2 nightly news. 20/02/07.

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