English Text: A Personal Letter sent to Jonathan Pollard
by a Citizen of The State of Israel

Reprinted with the permission of Jonathan Pollard and the writer, Esther Miller.

Translated to English by J4JP.
Original Hebrew version: Makor Rishon Feb. 7, 2007
May be reprinted with attribution.

14 Tevet, 5767 B"H

To Jonathan Pollard,

Shalom to you dear man! And hero!

We are the Miller family who live in Itamar. We are the wife, sons and daughters of Shlomo Miller who was murdered by a terrorist attempting to infiltrate our town, Itamar. Shlomo rushed to help someone who had been shot by the terrorist and in the ensuing action he was killed - two years ago.

I Esther, the mother of 7 children, am writing to you today, not because it is a holiday or any special day, just an ordinary winter day. My children and I have been thinking about what a hero you are, and how the Holy-One-Blessed-Be-He has watched over you, performing amazing miracles for you all these long and difficult years. We believe that the Almighty's presence with you and His protecting you all this time is a sign that He has plans for you; that you have a great future awaiting you and He is watching over you for a purpose which only He knows. As it is written, "Nistarah darki me HaShem" (My path is hidden from the Lord); and "Yishuat HaShem K'heref aiyn" (Salvation comes from HaShem in the blink of an eye.) Therefore, Jonathan, you must be strong for this future, soon to be, G-d willing!

We are all in a state of waiting. Waiting for the good to be revealed; waiting for truth to be revealed in all its glory. It is like a tulip bulb that has been planted in the earth. We are awaiting its blossom; yet we have no idea of when it will spring forth.

We are awaiting salvation; awaiting Melech HaMoshiach; awaiting the resurrection of the dead; awaiting the revelation of truth in the world; awaiting a day when justice and righteousness shall prevail; when all that has been distorted and perverted in the world shall be set right, "v'yashoovoo baneem l'gvoolum; and your children shall return to their Land."

This waiting is faith in truth. This waiting is the specialty of the Jewish People, the children of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov who live for an eternal goal which is always before them, and towards which they aspire, always hoping and expecting the redemption.

Waiting is the willingness to accept what whatever HaShem sends us and wherever He leads us, always hoping, always believing that if it is the will of HaShem, it is truly good. And you are a living model of this!

Jonathan, we pray for you in the prayers "Rofeh Cholim" (Healer of those who are ill) and "Matir Assurim" (Redeemer of Prisoners). We love you so, dear hero of a man, good soul and righteous person!

Don't cry! You will yet laugh overwhelming laughter, with G-d's help! So conserve your strength for the laughter of the future, B"H!

The verse that best suits you is: "Restrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; there is a reward for your actions, and your children will return to their Land."

Please write to us and tell us what we can do to cheer you and to make it better for you.

We will never forget how you sent us a letter and a gift after Shlomo Hy"d, ztk"l was murdered. We were so overwhelmed by your gesture!! How you in your desperate situation could care about us! What an honor it was for us! To know that you were thinking of us! What a comfort this was for us and so very moving!

Dear man! We love you, and we are all awaiting the redemption along with you. "Anah HaShem hoshea nah et Yehonatan haTov!" (Please HaShem, please redeem for us Jonathan the good!)

We need patience, and G-d will give it to us.

Chazak v,amatz! Be strong and be strengthened!

P.S. There are no birth pangs without a birth. Our generation is experiencing the most agonizing labor pains. And the worst labor pains are always those that accompany the actual birth, true?! We all await the redemption expectantly!

Shalom Lecha! (Peace upon you!)

Esther Miller and the children

Justice4JP Note:

Readers are welcome to write to Jonathan Pollard at the following address: Jonathan Pollard 09185-016, FCI Butner, POB 1000 Butner NC 27509-1000. If you wish to, send us a copy by email: justice4JP@gmail.com
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