Please Honor Jonathan's Call to Refrain from Anti-Social Protest

J4JPnews Release - February 7, 2007

Speaking from prison in Butner, North Carolina, Jonathan Pollard has issued a call to all supporters worldwide to refrain from any form of anti-social protest on his behalf.

The Pollards and their executive team are gratified by the out-pouring of popular support for Jonathan's immediate release from prison. They are thankful for the massive participation in the Nationwide White House Call In Campaign and other related activities.

However, Jonathan and Esther Pollard denounce, decry and distance themselves from all calls to violence,hooliganism or civil disobedience as a means to protest Jonathan's continued incarceration. The Pollards do not support the sit-in rally to block traffic, regardless of the locale. This tactic is not only undesirable, it is counter-productive and damaging to Jonathan's cause.We ask all those who truly care about Jonathan to refrain from promoting or participating in any acts of civil disobedience or of an anti-social nature.

The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home, Justice4JP, the National Council of Young Israel and Jonathan's attorneys in Israel and in the USA urge all supporters to honor Jonathan Pollard's expressed request to refrain from anti-social forms of protest. We urge everyone to become united and actively involved in the many positive, constructive initiatives that are now on-going for Jonathan's release. We need your support; we want your support. Let's do it the right way!