Special Sabbath in Sderot for Mutual Assistance

IsraelNN.com - January 3, 2007 / 13 Tevet 5767

"Maamakim," a Sderot based organization, is organizing a special Sabbath this Saturday, in which the subject of mutual commitment and reciprocity will be discussed in 25 Sderot synagogues. The worshipers will pray for the wounded to be healed, for the kidnapped soldiers and the MIAs to be returned safely to their homes, and for the freedom of former Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard.

Netanel Sarusi, who heads "Maamakim", told INN that he chose to hold the special Sabbath this week, because of the relevance of the weekly parsha "Vayechi". He sees a correlation between Jonathan Pollard's situation and that of Joseph, who was sold by his brothers.