Letter: Citizen Protests Ehud Olmert/Israel Maimon Perfidy

Jerusalem 93145 Israel
28 December 2006

Tzachi Gavrielli, Advisor to the Government Secretary, Israel Maimon
Office of the Prime Minister
3 Kaplan
Jerusalem, Israel 91919

Dear Mr. Gavrielli,

Subject: Jonathan Pollard and the Ehud Olmert/Israel Maimon Perfidy

  1. This relates to your succinct letter of 7 December 2006 vis--vis the issue of Jonathan Pollard. In your letter, you noted, "We acknowledge receipt of your numerous letters to our office..."

  2. My reply of 19 December 2006 to Olmert/Maimon, copy to you, noted that in my numerous letters I had not received any substantive reply in reference to Jonathan Pollard to my position that the Government continues unabated to betray the Israeli patriot , Jonathan Pollard.

  3. In my subsequent letter of 24 December 2006, I enclosed a poignant letter of Rabbi Eliyahu on behalf of Jonathan Pollard relating to the basic Jewish interest of Pidyan Shevuim, the freeing of a Jewish prisoner to which again, the perfidious team of Olmert/ Maimon continue to obfuscate and betray the Israeli patriot, Jonathan Pollard.. They continue to stand-by, sphinx-like, uncaring and irresponsible in the face of this modern Israeli tragedy and the specter of anti-Semitism.

  4. I would presume that you are a new member of the Olmert/Maimon team since your name has not arisen in the various correspondences dealing with this subject. And therefore, one might condescendingly presume that you are not aware of the mendacious character of the Government with respect to the issue of Jonathan Pollard. More specifically, it would appear that you are under the cognizance of Maimon since you note that you are the Advisor to the Government Secretary.

  5. In this context, I should respectfully seek to edify you relative to the pernicious character of the Government vis--vis the issue of Jonathan Pollard. Initially, you might research the file on Jonathan Pollard in terms of my "numerous letters" in order to have an appreciation of the tragic situation. Secondarily, I would respectfully commend for your information and consideration several letters of mine to Maimon, the fastidiousness of Maimon to honesty being in doubt:

    1. Enclosure(1) which is a letter of Maimon of 14 June 2006 to me stating that Olmert and the Government of Israel continue to do everything in their power to facilitate the release of Jonathan Pollard." However, there is the perception that this is a basic falsehood. Do you know specifically what has been done by Olmert/Maimon and what is now being done by them to achieve the result alleged by Maimon?

    2. Enclosure(2) which is my reply of 28 June 2006 to the Maimon letter of 14 June 2006.

    3. Enclosure(3) which is my letter of 27 January 2004 to Maimon dealing with Jonathan Pollard, Ariel Sharon and Israel Maimon.

    4. Enclosure(4) which is my letter of 7 December 2003 dealing with Maimon and the Issue of Credibility.

    5. Enclosure(5) Maimon's letter of 13 November 2003 and enclosure(6), my reply thereto of 24 November 2003 dealing with Jonathan Pollard, Ariel Sharon and Reality. As you can note, Maimon noted that he, Maimon, was to coordinate the so-called inter-Ministerial team dealing with the Jonathan Pollard issue. Perhaps, you can query your mentor, Maimon, as to what he has done in this regard if anything. The reasonably prudent observer could note that his efforts equate to zero and thus this would impact on the virtuous character of Maimon as well as the Government.

    6. Enclosure(7) which is my letter of 16 October 2003 to Maimon dealing with Ariel Sharon and Israel Maimon: The Whirlwind of Falsity

  6. In the final analysis, the question emerges is whether you are a participant in this Olmert/ Maimon perfidy and chicanery.


I. Gendelman

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(1) Maimon letter of 14 June 2006 to me
(2) My letter of 28 June 2006 to Maimon
(3) My letter of 27 January 2004 to Maimon
(4) My letter of 7 December 2003 to Maimon
(5)Maimon letter of 13 November 2003 to me
(6) My letter of 24 November 2003 to Maimon
(7) Enclosure(7) letter of 16 October 2003 to Maimon

Copy to: w/encl Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
Government Secretary Israel Maimon
Professor of Law Kenneth Lasson
M.K. Ruby Rivlin
Speaker of the Knesset Dahlia Itzik
State Comptroller Micha Lindeenstrauss
Madam Justice Dorit Benish
Jonathan Pollard Committee
Congressman Anthony Weiner
National Council of Young Israel