Translation: Certificate of Honor and Appreciation - Town of Givat Shmuel

B"H Chanukah 5767 (2006)

Certificate of Honor and Appreciation
In honor of hero of Israel
Jonathan Pollard

As we light Chanukah candles, your image shines in glory, like Mattityahu and his 5 sons who in their bravery assured the survival of our people, and especially bolstered our national spirit forever.

You languish now, like Yosef HaTzadik in prison; but even from there you still support us in our great battles for national redemption.

You risked your life to save us from the evil of the likes of Saddam Hussein (may his name be blotted out) and you will always be remembered for it. You have carved out your place for eternity in our national history.

We the Citizens of Givat Shmuel, want to express what we feel in our hearts, the deep gratitude to you and also to your wife who battles for you like Esther of the Megillah night and day, and to give to the two of you this Menorah as a token of our heartfelt love for you.

Along with all the rest of the House of Israel we raise a prayer to the Creator of the World that He should bless you with great health and that you should merit the realization of the Torah passuk: "And those redeemed by HaShem will return in joy" and may the light of this Menorah light up your house and shine for you to build your home in Jerusalem, the rebuilt!

Click here to see the original Hebrew Certificate of Honor and Appreciation to Jonathan Pollard, hand-inscribed on a parchment scroll.