Pollard, Israel, America and Terror

Professor Eugene Narrett - Israel End Times - December 6, 2006

Recently I wrote an essay about connections between the martyrdom of Jonathan Pollard, Hanukkah and the End of Days. I here will distill those remarks to a few basic points indicating that Pollard's situation is that of Israel in the world, its relation to America's rulers in particular and of the relation of the Jews of Israel to their own government.

In the early 1980s, Jonathan Pollard was an American Naval Intelligence Officer who became aware that the American State and Military establishment was withholding from Israel intelligence about Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan and Iranian missile and WMD that were targeting Israel. The United States had a memorandum of understanding with Israel that it would share such information but under Admiral Bobby Ray Inman it did not. Pollard was alarmed; giving the information to media might have resulted in its burial. He passed the information to Israel helping to save it from Saddam's plans and prevented America from being an accomplice to genocide

Pollard had stumbled on the main fact of modern geopolitics: Israel is meant to be sacrificed; it is not meant to survive, both jihadists and those at the highest levels of the western powers who exploit their genocidal and imperial ambitions are united in the wish to erase Israel. By discovering the cover-up and sharing the info that could save Israel Pollard had thwarted this great and evil design and the powers proceeded to do to him what they are by planned stages doing to Israel.

The Israeli people, like Pollard have been condemned, cornered and set up by the diplomatic-intelligence elites of the United States and other great powers with the willing assistance of the perennial regime in Jerusalem, its anti-Jewish high court and anti-Jewish major media. It has gone so far that Israel basically is ordered not to strike back and save its citizens and state while jihadists shower it with rockets. They call this a "ceasefire."

When Pollard was discovered, he sought refuge and help from officials in the Israeli embassy who betrayed and have continued to betray him to those who target all of Israel, just as they betray the Jews of Israel to these same powers. Naturally he thought they wished to save Israel and would save him: wrong.

Charged with one count of espionage, the American legal system perverted itself in condemning and sentencing Pollard for treason, in effect burying him alive just as the Israeli legal system, pushed by America's puppets in Jerusalem condemns, violates and buries the Jews of Israel behind walls, under rockets and debris that they allow to be shot, trying to break the spirit of the Jews and send them packing. He was sentenced to life while those who have spied for Egypt, Russia, the House of Saud, among others, taking intelligence on American capabilities (which Pollard did not) sometimes receive no sentence other than deportation.

Pollard was exposed for years to lethal conditions in the penitentiary in Marion, Illinois just as the best of Jews, the settlers of the heartland are exposed to murderous conditions in and near their homes, farms and communities while murderous enemies, armed mainly by the governments of America and Israel (and funded by Europe) attack them and their children. Clearly these governments want the Jews of Israel's heartland gone at any cost.

Neither Pollard nor Israel are meant to survive; there is no place for them in the World Security State in which the Promise and memory of the G-d of Israel is to become at most a curio, a sideshow in Brooklyn or LA, not a living presence, not a fulfilled national being. This shows the confluence of western powers with the jihadists who eventually will take their blood, too. The leaders of the West prefer it this way. Pollard's bondage is that of Americans, too.

Even as America is vitiated by a dishonest "war on terror" and a so-called "Homeland Security" whose main targets are, 1) the American people and, 2) the Jews of Israel so is Israel dismembered by the security wall and creation of a jihadist state within it as State Department dictates are executed by its clients in the Knesset and Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Jonathan Pollard nobly refuses any deals in which his release would be paid for by further dismemberment of Israel. A man of sensitivity and discernment, he knows in the core of his being that the diminishment of Israel diminishes him and every Jew; the same goes for the damage done to him: it is done to all Israel, land, Torah and people.

Those who punished and have incarcerated Pollard beyond all law, reason and humanity used him to warn Israel and Jews. But the message also should be a wake-up call about what to expect to the power-brokers that rule "Israel's only friend," uncle Laban.Pollard is an embodiment of Israel and the isolation, betrayal and disablement of Israel embody Pollard's status: doomed to die. When Israel frees itself from the trance imposed by its government, it will demand Pollard's pardon and aliyah, freeing itself to turn to other urgent areas of national repair. With the presence of a captive redeemed and in the honor of finally redeeming him it would win a real war on terror, despite the savagery of jihad and the perfidy of western politicians and those who pull their strings. -30-

THE AUTHOR, Eugene Narrett has been teaching at Colleges and Universities since receiving his Doctorate from Columbia University in 1978. His wide-ranging knowledge of history and his ability to integrate disciplines provides a comprehensive overview and rare insights into the most challenging conflicts and currents of our times.

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