Update On The State's Appeal Against Nadia Matar

November 24, 2006 - Women in Green

Yesterday the Appeal by the State of Israel against Nadia Matar was held in the District Court. Attorney Yoram Sheftel spoke for over an hour. He claimed the judges must reject the Appeal, giving different examples of cases where personalities belonging to the Left said things that were much worse, and were not indicted. On the other hand, people belonging to the Right, are persecuted by the Attorney General. It is all politics, said Sheftel.

The representative of the State also gave a long speech as to why the judges must accept his Appeal. His claims sometimes bordered on the pathetic.

At the end of the morning, the three judges told the lawyers that the decision will be given soon, by mail.

A group of friends and supporters held a short vigil with signs outside the Courthouse, and then sat in the Courtroom to hear the arguments of the opposing lawyers.

We would like to thank Esther Pollard for coming and being there with us. Her presence gave us strength. We pray that soon, please G-d, we will be able to see Jonathan here in Jerusalem.

For those who want to read more on Nadia's case in the archives of the Justice Ministry, http://www.justice.gov.il/mojHeb/ Nadia's Appeal number is 030636/36.

A videoclip of the Court session by Arutz 7 TV can be seen at: http://www.inn.co.il/TV/ Nadia's segment starts in the middle at 11:10 minutes.