Channel 2 News: Pollard Won't Let Rafi Eitan Sleep

Justice4JP Release - June 21, 2006
Source: Israel Channel 2 Television News

Israel's Channel 2 Television News reported tonight that supporters of Jonathan Pollard won't let Pensioner Party head Rafi Eitan sleep.

Anchorwoman, Yonit Levy, reported that for the second time this month scores of Pollard supporters gathered outside of Eitan's home at bedtime with whistles and noisemakers and shouted slogans and chants to keep Eitan, (Pollard's former handler), from sleep.

The demonstrators held posters of Pollard aloft as they shouted, "Rafi, how can you sleep when you betrayed and abandoned Pollard?" and "Rafi, if your lack of conscience lets you sleep, we won't!"

The news report referenced Jonathan Pollard's lawsuit which seeks to establish that Rafi Eitan is morally unfit to be a government minister. Pollard's petition is still before the courts.

Eitan, it was reported, responded to tonight's events saying that he did not abandon Pollard.

According to the Channel 2 report, Eitan and his neighbors on the usually quiet Tel Aviv Street summoned the police, who arrived with the GSS to disperse the crowd of demonstrators. Protestors vowed to return and continue the protests until Eitan resigns.

A film clip showed the Pollard protestors whistling, shouting and chanting:

"Rafi Eitan! Teet-pat-tair! Pollard shaveh yotair!"
[Rafi Eitan, resign! Pollard is worth more (than you!)]

Following the film clip, anchorwoman Yonit Levy concluded the report with the comment: "Lo shochachim; lo solchim." (We do not forget; we do not forgive.)