Breaking News! Azzam to Olmert: Bring Pollard Home As Gesture to Sharon

Justice4JP Release - May 16, 2006
Translated to English by J4JP

To The Prime Minister
Mr. Ehud Olmert

May 15, 2006

RE: Bringing Pollard home as a gesture to Arik Sharon

Honorable Prime Minister,

According to media reports, it is anticipated that you will be meeting with the president of the United States, George Bush, next week.

As one who well knows what it means to languish unjustly in prison for many long years, I am appealing to you to bring to President Bush an appeal from the Nation of Israel to grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard as a gesture to the former Prime Minister, Mr. Ariel Sharon.

In securing my release Arik showed the Israeli public, and indeed the world, that the State of Israel does not neglect and abandon its citizens in their hour of need. I believe that if Arik were able to express his feelings and his thoughts this is the request he would ask you to bring to Bush on his behalf. I am certain that Bush's great regard for Arik and for you who are following in his path, will be expressed in a positive response to this request.

As you know, Pollard has spent 21 years in prison for espionage on behalf of an ally of the USA. He continues to serve even when those who have spied for allies of the US at that time and indeed even most of those who spied for enemies of the US have long since gone free.

I, along with the rest of the citizens of Israel, pray for your overall success, and in particular with regard to this issue.

With blessings,
Azzam Azzam

Kfar MaJar
POB 39
Israel 14930

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