Not True That HJC temporarily denies Pollard petition

Justice4JP Release - May 3, 2006

For those still puzzled by the erroneous headline announcing that the Supreme Court of Israel has "temporarily denied the Pollard petition" which was filed to prevent Rafi Eitan from being appointed as an Israeli Government minister, Justice4JP would like to clarify:

The report of a temporary denial of the petition which first appeared in the Jerusalem Post May 2, 2006 (see copy here), is erroneous. The High Court of Justice did not deny the Pollards' petition, or any part of it.

When the petition was filed, the Pollards had the right to request a temporary injunction freezing the appointment of Eitan until a final decision on the petition would be rendered by the court. But the Pollard petition did not make that request. Even though no request for a temporary injunction was made, the court itself decided not to issue one and stated as much in its initial decision rendered 2 May 2006. A copy of the decision can be viewed


The Jerusalem Post apparently misinterpreted the court's own decision not to order a temporary injunction as denial of the Pollard petition. That is not the case. The court decision rejected no part of the Pollard petition and it indeed ordered the Prime Minister to respond to the petition within 21 days before it renders its final decision. This is, in fact, exactly what was requested in the Pollard petition.

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