Jonathan Pollard Received Surprise Support from Aviv Gefen

Ezra HaLevi - Arutz Sheva - April 5, 2006 / 7 Nisan 5766

Support for the release of imprisoned American Jew Jonathan Pollard has come from an unlikely source Aviv Gefen, sometimes called Israel's Michael Jackson.

Gefen, an extremely popular Israeli performer, who is the nephew of Six Day War Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, appeared on the Yair Lapid Show on Israel's Channel 2 television on Monday. Host Lapid, whose father headed the defunct Shinui Party, asked Gefen if there was any Israeli he wanted to meet. Gefen responded, with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, that he would like to meet Jonathan Pollard.

"Is there any Israeli that you know of, but whom you have never met, with whom you would like to go out to dinner?" Lapid asked.

"With Pollard!" Gefen answered.

Lapid, surprised at the answer, as Pollard's release has become somewhat of a right-wing cause in Israel and Gefen is an ardent left-wing icon, said: "It's a little problematic for Pollard to go out to dinner though..."

Gefen insisted, "The time has come for him to be released, for him to come home to Israel!"

"You are correct," agreed Lapid.

The 12-second video clip can be viewed by

clicking here.