Jonathan Pollard Committee May Sue Pensioners Party - April 04, 2006 / 6 Nisan 5766

The Committee for the Return of Jonathan Pollard is considering filing a libel suit against Gil, known as the Pensioners Party. According to the committee, Moshe Sharoni, number three on the party list, wrote an inflammatory and libelous article against the committee. The article in question appeared today in the Yediot Acharonot newspaper.

"It is amazing how, after the party chairman Rafi Eitan abandoned Pollard and used his name in order to generate campaign headlines for the Pensioners - instead of using the power placed in his hands to force the government to end the abandonment of Pollard - he sends number 3 on the list to spread lies about [Pollard] that [Eitan] himself would not dare utter. Anyone who wondered if the Pensioners Party is intending to act on Pollard's behalf or to assist in the continuation of his abandonment got their answer today," the committee said in a published statement.