Letter: US Attorney Challenges Treatment of Pollard

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J4JP Release - March 19, 2006

J4JP Prefacing Note:

A copy of the following letter addressed to Minster of Internal Security, Gidon Ezra was obtained by Justice4JP. In discussing the

21 years

of Jonathan Pollard's incarceration and the attitude and actions of the Government of Israel, the letter is both detailed and devastatingly accurate.

It is a must-read!

6/9 Haim Bajayo
Jerusalem 93145 Israel

22 March 06

Minister Gidon Ezra
Ministry of Public Security
Kiryat HaMemshala
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Mr. Minister,

Subject: Jonathan Pollard, Minister Gidon Ezra and the Question of Integrity of the Israeli Government

  1. The media recently reported a meeting between the Minister Ezra and US Ambassador to Israel, Richard Jones whereby Minister Ezra asked the Ambassador why there has been no progress in the Jonathan Pollard case.

    The media suggested that Minister Ezra's question was brought about by the recent public campaign relating to Jonathan Pollard which asked of the Israeli Government, "Where is the sense of shame?" This was alluding to the betrayal of the Israeli Government vis--vis Jonathan Pollard. And thus, Minister Ezra was attempting to shift blame away from the Israeli Government.

  2. The position of Minister Ezra is most bizarre and one could reasonably suggest that the question of the integrity of the Israeli Government emerges. In this context, I would respectfully refer you to a letter I wrote to Prime Minister Sharon on 5 August 04, with a copy to you; the subject being, "Jonathan Pollard, the Sharon Government with Regard to its Honesty or its Dishonesty." The points made in that letter are still applicable. I noted therein:

    1. The basic question was what actions had the Sharon Government taken on behalf of Jonathan Pollard consistent with its responsibilities to secure the pardon of Jonathan Pollard but also to alleviate the hardship and severity of his imprisonment as well as to provide financial support for him and his family.

    2. Minister Gidon Ezra, in his position as the Sharon's spokesman in the Knesset, in a reply to a Knesset question as to what was being done on behalf of Jonathan Pollard, stated that the Government was working on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. However, when asked to define these steps, he could not reply.

    3. Minister Gidon Ezra, in a prior telephone call to me, in response to a letter criticizing Sharon, stated that he had to believe what the Prime Minister told him. (One wonders how to differentiate between truth and the lack of it.

    4. Minister Gidon Ezra, in another reply to me, in response to a subsequent letter stated that suitable were being taken by appropriate officials which include raising the issue with senior US Government officials.

    5. Minister Gidon Ezra, in another reply to me because of a further critical Letter stated that the Government was doing everything to free Jonathan Pollard.

    6. However, the factual situation is

      completely contradictory

      to what Minister Gidon Ezra alleges. The following is thus cogent:

      1. Jonathan Pollard remains incarcerated in prison for having passed information to Israel vital to her security. He was enobled to do so out of concern for the State of Israel and her people. His act was intended to help Israel , not to harm the US. In fact, the US did not fulfill its commitment to Israel to provide such information pursuant to the 1983 Memorandum of Understanding.

      2. But there is a paradox. The leadership of Israel stands transfixed, sphinx-like, unmoved vis--vis in helping in this issue. They wear the mantle of leadership but they fail in heir profound responsibility to Jonathan Pollard and his family. The Israeli Government alleges that efforts are ongoing on behalf of Jonathan Pollard.

        But that is not true.

      3. Moreover, the indifference of the Israeli Government has allowed this case to fester for over 2 decades. This is true of the American Jewish leadership as the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American organizations.

      4. Prime Minister Sharon has never directly asked President Bush to pardon Jonathan Pollard. (Acting Prime Minister Olmert has taken a similar position.) This would be the most expeditious approach. This could be done on a humanitarian basis or as a quid pro quo in that the US constantly exerts pressure on issue as it relates to the Arab issue. But Prime Minister Sharon has refused. As such, he has failed on humanitarian grounds and in terms of his responsibility. (Acting Prime Minister Olmert has taken a similar position.)

      5. Prime Minister Sharon refused to present the petition of the Knesset signed by 112 members to President Bush asking that a pardon be granted to Jonathan Pollard.

      6. Prime Minister Sharon did not keep the Government promise to the High Court of Justice pursuant to its decision 6029(6.2.2000) whereby the Government would provide financial support to Jonathan Pollard and his family.(Acting Prime Minister Olmert is silent on this matter.)

      7. The Pollards continually and categorically state that the Israeli Government has betrayed Jonathan Pollard. More specifically, Esther Pollard states:

        "The Government of Israel has broken every promise it ever made to Jonathan Pollard both in Court and privately. Israel was complicit in its prosecution and continuous to this day to be complicit in his interminable incarceration under harsh conditions.

        It has postured publicly for years as if it were assisting him while in fact sabotaging and undermining every opportunity to secure his release and abandoning him morally, legally, financially and medically for over 2 decades."

      8. Prime Minister Sharon has not included in the cabinet meetings an item which would deal with the means to secure a pardon for Jonathan Pollard.(This also applies to acting Prime Minister Olmert.)

      9. The Israeli Government totally divorced itself from the debasement and dehumanization of Jonathan Pollard by the US Government in preparation and during a hearing in the US District Court, DC. The Israeli Government displayed no sense of humanitarian concern.

      10. The Israeli Government totally divorced itself from the broken promise of the then President Clinton to pardon Jonathan Pollard.

      11. The Israeli Government is content to let Jonathan Pollard remain in prison in hardship and deprived of basic Jewish practices.

  3. Based on the above, the reasonably prudent observer could note in terms of conclusions that:

    1. "Honesty is not only the deepest policy but the highest wisdom however difficult it may be for integrity to get on. It is a thousand times more difficult for knavery to get off" - Calton. One would say that there is a perception of knavery in the Israeli Government.

    2. It is clear that the Israeli Government is indifferent and uncaring relative to the tragic plight of Jonathan Pollard.

    3. It is clear that the Israeli government have not been forthright in their allegations that the Government is working on behalf of Jonathan Pollard.

      Truth, apparently, is not a virtue of this Government.

    4. It is clear that the Israeli Government has been obstructive in efforts to secure a pardon for Jonathan Pollard.

    5. It is clear that the Israeli Government has failed in its responsibility toJonathan Pollard.

    6. It is clear that the Israeli Government lacks any iota of humanitarian concern toward him. The Government has shown that it is content to let Jonathan Pollard languish in prison. The Government has not exercised any minimum effort to alleviate the harsh prison confinement of Jonathan Pollard and not even to request that he be able to perform minimum Jewish practices.

      It is also clear that the Government is indifferent to basic Jewish values.

    7. "The civilized world will indeed be wanting in energy and wisdom if it permits this century to be disgraced by the retention of Jonathan Pollard in contravention of the laws of nature, morality and religion and most especially it behooves the Jewish community to exert itself to the utmost."

  4. In the final analysis, I would respectfully suggest, Mister Minister that you have not been forthright in your efforts vis--vis Jonathan Pollard. And therefore, the reasonably prudent observer could suggest that there is a lack of integrity on the part of the Israeli Government inclusive of respective Ministers.


(US Attorney)

Copy to:
US Ambassador to Israel Richard Jones
President Moshe Katzav
Attorney- General Menachem Mazuz
State Attorney Eran Shendar
Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
Zionist Organization of America
National Council of Young Israel
Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations
Jerusalem Post
M.K. Gidon Saar
M.K. Michael Eitan

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