Pollard Campaign Blitz Kicks off This Week!

Operation Yehonatan - A Nationwide Ad Campaign

Justice4JP Release - March 13, 2006

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This week Israeli buses all over the country will be displaying

gigantic poster ads

(4 meters long by 1 meter high) of


and the text:


(Where is the sense of shame?) Additional text in a box on the poster informs:


As the buses get rolling, a parallel campaign invites citizens all over the country to hang thousands of huge posters and banners on their balconies and building-fronts. These banners have the same graphic elements as the ubiquitous bus ads, but instead of a photograph will feature a graphic icon of Jonathan, and the text:


(We want Pollard home!) Bumper stickers and info-stickers with the same logo and design will be distributed by the thousands all over the country.

A radio blitz is also in the works, but may take a few days longer to accomplish since the media moguls at Israel's government radio station are reluctant to allow Pollard to ask the question:

Ayfoh Haboosha?

(Where is the sense of shame?) on the air. We continue to negotiate with Kol Yisrael Radio, as we weigh our legal options.

This unprecedented and provocative media campaign for the release of Jonathan Pollard is being inaugurated in Israel this week by The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home, headed by Nissan GanOr, in conjunction with Justice4JP. Esther Pollard is in Israel, working with GanOr in coordination with Jonathan Pollard.

As Esther Pollard recently reported to Jonathan: "All of the Israeli political parties have bus ads out there claiming that they will make Israel stronger, richer, better, more secure. Then along comes Pollard on the next bus and asks, "AYFOH HABOOSHA?!"

FOR MORE INFORMATION on how to join in and support Pollard's Campaign Blitz, or to request a banner for your home or building (Israel only) call 054-6437218 or visit our websites jonathanpollard.org (English) or freepollard.org (Hebrew).

To request signs or volunteer your help,

click here

for handy online form [Hebrew speakers only].

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