Al-Arabiya Director: Pollard for Barghouti

Arutz7 - December 20, 2005

( According to Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, director of the United Arab Emirates-based satellite television station Al-Arabiya, the release of convicted terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti from Israeli jail is dependent upon the release of Jonathan Pollard from his American imprisonment. Pollard is serving a life sentence in federal prison for having passed along classified information to Israel.

Al-Rashid made the comments in an article expressing his view that the Fatah terrorist group running the Palestinian Authority should appoint Barghouti as the group's candidate for upcoming PA elections. Barghouti, according to Al-Rashid, is agreed upon by all PA Arabs.

Al-Rashid wrote that Barghouti is "sitting in jail in the name of all Palestinians, and by virtue of his struggle, a Palestinian state is about to arise." Al-Rashid further credited Barghouti with bringing about the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and with the disintegration of the Likud party.

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