Pollard Activists Interrupt FM Shalom's Campaign Address

Arutz7 News Brief - November 29, 2005


- Activists working towards the release of Jonathan Pollard on Tuesday night interrupted a Tuesday night campaign address by Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, who was speaking in a Tel Aviv hotel.

While Shalom attempted to launch his Likud leadership campaign, the Pollard activists interrupted his address, demanding the government take serious action towards securing Pollard's release, who last week began his

third decade

in a US federal prison.

Justice4JP adds:

Pollard activists carried large posters of Jonathan Pollard. Just as Silvan Shalom was speaking about leadership; they held their posters aloft, stood and shouted, "Silvan, you helped Sharon to abandon Pollard! How can you speak about leadership?!" Pollard supporters were hastily and roughly removed from the hall. One Pollard supporter was punched and hit by Likud reps as they hustled him out. He came away bruised but otherwise without serious injury. YNET (Yediot) reports that Shalom used the opportunity provided by the interruption to speak of his role in the release of Azzam Azzam, the Israeli Druse imprisoned in Egypt for 8 years. --- Yeah right, Silvan, but what about Pollard?