Israeli Schools To Hold 'Pollard Classes' November 21, 2005

The Media Line - November 20, 2005

Israeli schoolchildren will spend an hour on Monday learning about Jonathan Pollard, the former civilian analyst for U.S. Naval intelligence who this week will enter his twentieth year of a life sentence in an American prison. Pollard received the sentence for passing classified information to Israel.

The instruction by the Education Ministry was issued by Education Minister Limor Livnat, who said it was "proper" to do so because "Israels obligation to Pollard is not controversial." Livnat said "the education system [should] bring his contribution to the state of Israel to students attention." Israel conferred citizenship on Pollard after his incarceration and after the state had taken responsibility for his actions.

Although no one has ever served more than ten years for the same offense, Pollard received a term of life with no parole because of what Pollard supporters believe was the governments belief that Pollard was responsible for heinous acts that were later proven to have been committed by Aldrich Ames. Ames is also serving a life term.

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