Caution: Israeli NGO for Pollard Undermined by Unauthorized Solicitation

Justice4JP Release - November 14, 2005

The Israeli NGO,

The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home

, sponsor of so many amazing events and activities for Jonathan Pollard, is being undermined by unauthorized solicitation on the web.

In a recent email that has been circulating on the web, The Jerusalem Development Corporation through its agent, Chaim Silverstein, has been soliciting donations claiming that the money is "for Jonathan Pollard." While there may be good intentions behind this campaign, their method is dubious at best. The solicitation does not even ask that checks be earmarked for Pollard, only that they be made out to "The Jerusalem Development Corporation" and it does not indicate who will actually end up receiving any funds raised. The email campaign purports to raise $10,000, claiming that this is the shortfall needed by organizers in Jerusalem to fund a major demonstration for Jonathan marking the 20th anniversary of his incarceration on November 23, 2005.

Neither Jonathan Pollard, nor his representatives, has ever authorized the Jerusalem Development Corporation or Chaim Silverstein to raise funds for this or any other purpose.

The Jerusalem-based NGO,

The Committee To Bring Jonathan Pollard Home

, which is sponsoring and paying for the November 23rd demonstration, similarly has no relationship to the Jerusalem Development Corporation and has never been contacted by Silverstein or by his Corporation for authorization to raise funds for this purpose.

Anyone wishing to assist with expenses related to the demo or to contribute to The Committees' activities on behalf of Jonathan Pollard should do so directly:

  1. Checks may be out to:

    Arevut: The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home

    Mail to:
    Arevut: The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home
    c/o Nissan GanOr
    27 Ramban Street
    Jerusalem Israel

  2. Credit card donations by telephone:

    From Israel, dial: 052-356-9070
    From the U.S., dial: 011-972-52-356-9070

  3. In Israel:

    Bank Ha Doar Acct No: 3152741


While Esther and Jonathan Pollard endorse the activities of The Committee in Israel, it should be noted that J4JP and the Pollards do no fundraising of any kind, and do not benefit from any funds raised by The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home.