Emanuel A. Winston - GAMLA: News & Views from Israel - September 14, 2005

If any of the candidates who are running against Sharon for the Prime Minister's office propose a general amnesty for all Jews, be assured that Sharon will work that much harder to imprison the protesters of his 'Evacuation/Disengagement' Plan.

If, however, Sharon decides that it is in his best political interests to declare an amnesty, he will do so - claiming he is erasing the division in the Nation (which he, himself, inspired).

Before Sharon, Weissglas, Olmert, Peres 'et al' introduced the evacuation of Gaza/Gush Katif and 4 communities in the Northern Shomron, the pioneering settlers whom Sharon demonized were merely ordinary Israelis - working, farming, going to synagogue, school, raising children and not bothering anyone. In fact, they were the perfect model citizens - until Sharon decided that it was in his best interests to use his Propaganda Department to demonize these good people prior to his assault on the Jews of Gaza. His personal corruption has no bottom and is a magnet for his equally corrupt supporters.

Naturally, the Leftist response was that "Soldiers had to be kept in the area to protect the settlers and that was a waste". Actually, I heard an Israeli living in the Chicago area say that "there were 4 soldiers per settler to defend the settlements in the Gaza Strip". Sounds a bit off but perhaps it is a partial truth given that the Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists were growing in numbers and weapons. They have already thrown Qassems over the 'border' into Sderot, even on the day Monday September 12th, that the IDF left Gaza.

Every Israeli knows that the Gaza District was always Israel's Southern Front of Defense. Now, even after the Jews of Gaza/Gush Katif were evacuated or "ethnically cleansed", the IDF will have to continue their presence in the area inside of Sharon's "new borders". Sharon had his Knesset pass a law that after the withdrawal there will be 44 communities inside the Israeli border at risk and in harm's way (instead of the 21 communities that were in Gaza). This ignores the benefits of having civilians living peaceably as a first line of defense and warning system.

But now, there will be 44 communities to protect from Gazan Muslim Arab Palestinians throwing Qassam and Katyusha Rockets, mortars and artillery shells. Sharon's "Disengagement" has brought those projectiles closer to Israel's population centers - not further away. The Terrorists will be able to cross into Israel more easily now. All of these reliable forecasts also apply to the areas previously protected by the civilians who were evicted from the 4 Northern Samaria communities and their homes destroyed.

Now, more Israeli soldiers (rather than fewer) will become a permanent presence to guard Israel against 'incursions' from the South and in Israel's center. Sharon's retreat can be compared to then Chief of Staff Ehud Barak's midnight retreat from Lebanon, leaving a vacuum now filled by Hezb'Allah and 12,000 missiles - some with Chemical warheads.

So, what are now the more accessible targets? We can start by listing Sharon's Sycamore Ranch which he has reinforced at a cost of millions of Israeli taxpayers' shekels.

The very expensive electric power generating station can now be hit by a well-aimed missile. Note that those missiles, better bombs, 'et al' have been shipped to the Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorists through the Sinai courtesy of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and by sea from Iran and Syria (recall the Karin A). Both Sharon and President Bush know that Egypt has been a trans-shipper of weapons coming from Iran, some from Saudi Arabia - using Saudi oil money. Now, Sharon has enlisted Egypt to bring armed soldiers, intelligence, armor to the border, in effect, breaking the de-militarization of the Sinai as stipulated in the Camp David Accords.

All the Israeli cities and small towns in the South are now at risk, from Eilat, to Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot, Beit Shemesh, 'et al'. There are now in targeting range from Gaza - as arranged by Sharon and Bush. The rockets and missiles are improving their distance, accuracy and strength of explosion.

Regrettably, the Israeli people have been trained by an exceptionally dirty and perverse political system to expect either nothing from their elected officials or to expect the worst and think that it's normal. They watch their so-called Leaders of the Left and the Right lie, commit crimes against the State, steal from the public treasury but, remain virtually numb and silent. Instead of tearing these political criminals out of their seats of power, they vote them and the system into office again and again. Clearly, it must be a subliminal death wish - or how else would these criminals remain untouchable?

Unfortunately, I think that a great number of Jews may be killed or grievously wounded before the public will act and perhaps not even then. Everything seems to be accepted as "Protexia" (Bribery or Personal Influence) as they watch their elected feed at the trough of the peoples' Treasury.

Be honest, even if you were a Leftist, can you think of one time when a high ranking politician, known for criminal activity was actually charged and sent to jail?

The dirtier the scheme, the more likely the corrupted Court system (along with the Police) will be sure to keep politicians safe.

On the other hand, anyone who speaks up to challenge your cosy Mafia-type of Government is either put into jail - with a few being 'eliminated' when they have high stature. Did you ever wonder how a miraculous wave swept MK Rafi Eitan (Raful) off a breakwater after he made it known he was going to speak out against Sharon's "Disengagement Plan"? Add to that, Sharon named the breakwater: Eitan - as if a gesture of atonement for - what?

At the beginning of this article I spoke about "Amnesty" for all Jews who acted in any way in defiance of Sharon's self-serving idea called "Disengagement". I would suggest that such personages as Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, the Chief Rabbis, along with others of their rank call upon President Katzav and Sharon to declare a General Amnesty for all Jews who acted to defend the Jews of Gaza/Gush Katif and Samaria.

Perhaps it is too much to expect of Sharon, who has refused to demand the release of Jonathan Pollard. After all, Sharon sat on the Board along with then PM Yitzhak Rabin who decided what tasks Pollard would be directed to look into. This was done through Rafi Eitan and now none of that Board wishes Pollard released, lest they be identified.

The sacrifice of Jonathan Pollard by Arik Sharon is merely an early indication of a man who is willing to sacrifice the Jews of Gaza/Gush Katif and Samaria - even the Nation - in order to try to save himself and his sons from prosecution for their crimes.