Pollard Supreme Court Hearing on September 5

Public Is Welcome to Attend

Justice4JP Release - August 29, 2005

Jonathan Pollard's petition asking the Supreme Court of Israel to force the Government of Israel to grant him official status as a Prisoner of Zion (PoZ) is scheduled to be heard in Israel's Supreme Court next week on 5 September 2005. The public is welcome to attend. (Details below.)

This ground-breaking petition demonstrates that Pollard meets, and in many cases, exceeds the legal requirements for PoZ status. It asks the Supreme Court to demand that the Government explain its refusal and force the Government to grant Pollard the PoZ status.

The petition caused waves of shock around the world when it was filed (in May of this year) because it reveals, for the first time, explicit details of the tortures and afflictions Jonathan Pollard has endured in US prisons over the last 2 decades.

Pollard is represented by Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner. Larry Dub is of counsel.

Jonathan Pollard is supported by former Prisoners of Zion and numerous PoWs and their organizations. [See Addendum below.] A number of PoZ's have indicated that they plan to be present at the hearing.

The hearing will establish (B"H), for the first time, that the 'great bastion of democracy', the United States of America, is holding a Prisoner of Zion; and that as such, he has been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment and to a sentence which is grossly disproportionate to offense with which he was charged.

This hearing is an historic event which will, no doubt, be written about and studied for years to come. The public is welcome to attend.

Here are the details:

  • Event:

    Pollard PoZ Supreme Court Hearing
  • When:

    5 September 2005 (Monday)
  • Time:

    11:30 am (Arrive earlier for security clearance.)
  • Where:

    Israel's Supreme Court
  • Bring:

    Photo ID (Teudaht Zehut or Passport)

ADDENDUM: PoZ's and PoW's In Support of Pollard

The following is a list of PoZs and PoWs - individuals and organizations - who have signed in support of Jonathan Pollard:

Assirei Machteret (Former Prisoners of the Underground Organizations)

Signing on behalf of their respective groups or organizations:

  • Tuvia Chen Tzion

    - Head of the Lechi Fighters Group (Amutah)
  • Avraham Ben-Har

    - Representative of Lechi Fighters Condemned to Death
  • Yitzchak Even-Zohar

    - Representative of Escapees Who Tunneled out of Latrun
  • Pinchas Ginosar

    - Representative Prisoners Exiled to Kenya
  • Yehudit Ginosar

    - Beit Lechem Prisoner
  • Ezriel Livnat

    - Acco Prisoner; Exiled to Erithria
  • Geula Cohen

    - Beit Lechem Prisoner
  • Baruch Guttmacher

    - Representative of the Prisoners of Zion of the Etzel Group

Piduay Shevi (Redeemed Hostages/P.O.Ws)

  • Margalit Cohen

    - Egypt 1973
  • Chezi Shai

    - Lebanon 1982
  • David Avudraham

    - Egypt 1973
  • Oded Zamir

    -Egypt 1973
  • Yaacov Gur

    - Egypt 1973
  • Uri Aharonfeld

    - Egypt 1973
  • Sami Ben Abu

    - Egypt 1973
  • Beni Finestein

    - Egypt 1973
  • Dudi Biton

    - Egypt 1973
  • Rafi Eldan

    - Egypt 1973
  • Charley Ben Kassom

    - Egypt 1973
  • Yisasschar Ben Daniel

    - Egypt 1973
  • Yaacov Bronfeld

    - Egypt 1973
  • Ovadia Gavriel

    - Egypt 1973
  • Ido Goldhecht

    - Egypt 1973
  • Dani Gilboa

    - Lebanon 1982
  • Arik Ginosar

    - Egypt 1973
  • Fezi Hirshtock

    - Egypt 1973
  • Yosef Weiss

    - Egypt 1973
  • David Ziv

    - Egypt 1948
  • Yitzchak Carmel

    - Egypt 1973

Assirei Tzion (Prisoners of Zion)

  • Yosef Mendelevitch

    - Jerusalem
  • Ida Nudel

    - Jerusalem
  • Shlomo Dreizner

    - Jerusalem
  • Yaacov Suslenski

    - Jerusalem
  • David Maayan

    - Moshav Arugot
  • Ezriel Kochubievski

    - Rechovot

    And others...

Organizations and Groups

  • Amutah Assirei Lechi [The Lechi Fighters Organization]

    - representing 158 members
  • Amutah Arim B'Layla

    - representing 250 members of the Israel Defense Forces, former Prisoners of War