Pollard Activists Protest on the Fourth of July

Arutz7 News - July 4, 2005

In honor of the Fourth of July, American Independence Day, activists seeking the release of Jonathan Pollard from a US prison are demonstrating against American hypocrisy in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

A large protest is scheduled to take place Monday evening opposite the American embassy in Tel Aviv. The protesters decry "American hypocrisy" in demanding Israel release terrorists from prison while itself violating the very principles of equality and justice that it claims to stand for by continuing to punish Pollard so disproportionately.

Jerusalemites awoke Monday morning to the creative decoration of two iconoclastic American symbols in Jerusalem to call attention to the activists' point. The artistic rendition of the Statue of Liberty located in New York Square (at the intersection of Agrippas Street and Ben Tzvi Boulevard) was bedecked in a skirt of Pollard photos and slogans while a large picture of the former Naval Intelligence officer was attached to the front of the book Lady Liberty holds. The liberty bell in Jerusalem's Gan HaPa'amon (Bell Park) was also adorned with photos of Pollard.

"On the day the US celebrates her liberty it is important to remind her that there is no real liberty and equality so long as a Jewish agent who helped Israel is kept in prison but every other American who did the same thing received a much lighter sentence," Pollard activist Adi Ginsburg told Arutz-7.

"Americans must realize that after 20 years they must begin to do everything they can to stop the injustice," Ginsburg added. "The Jewish establishment in the US especially must stop trying to be more Catholic than the Pope, and begin to fight for Pollard's freedom."

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